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Jack McGinnigle

Author of Fiction, Non-Fiction and Biography

Weather Magazine (Royal Meteorological Society)

Vol. 57 No. 7

The 1952 Lynmouth floods revisited (pp235-242)

by J B McGinnigle


about the author

Jack McGinnigle is an established author whose output currently spans fiction, non-fiction and biography. Details of his published and forthcoming books will be found on the following web pages - use the Navigator (<< left) to access these.


In a previous career which culminated as a Chief Forecaster of the UK Meteorological Office, Jack produced many scientific works, including original research into meteorological analysis theory and methodology in the rapidly-developing computer age. All these were published under the name "J B McGinnigle".

His most recent scientific paper appeared in "Weather". See panel (left) below Navigation.


Jack is also a Fully Accredited and active Lay Preacher in the Methodist Church. In this role, he had led many church services and study groups across the UK. However, if he is free on a Sunday, he is quite likely to be found in the Church Band, playing drums, bass or keyboards.